we’ve been in your shoes

We are Ashleigh Graves-Roesler and Bryan Roesler, a pair of professional fundraisers from Indianapolis, IN. We have more than 20 years of combined experience in the nonprofit sector, and we have raised and stewarded more than $1 million in grant dollars for mission-driven work in our communities.

We know the frustration of sacrificing time with donors in order to spend time writing grants behind closed doors. Bryan worked with larger, institutional nonprofits and Ashleigh worked in small and mid-size development offices. In both contexts, we saw strategic, high-impact fundraising and relationship building efforts undercut when valuable staff members were tied to a time-consuming grant calendar.

Few small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations have the luxury of a full-time grant writer, so grants often fall on the shoulders of a director of development or executive director. We understand that you have to make hard choices about how to spend your working hours.

That's where Quill comes in. We work behind the scenes so you can stay front and center.

We provide expert grant writing services, allowing you to stop treading water on grants and push the rest of your fundraising work forward. We can also step in to ensure seamless coverage during periods of staff transition or short-term absences.

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